I haven’t blessed you all with a story in a few weeks. The holidays, kids, and school caught up to me but something exciting did happen….

Hayden started kindergarten . . . .enough said.

As a parent, a special needs parent at that, so many emotions will start going through your head. How will the other kids react to him? Will he be okay? Does his teacher really understand him? DOES THE TEACHER KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING?

It’s only been three days, so Hayden is still adjusting.

How did his second day go you asked?

-Story Time-

I assumed it went great because I did not receive a text or phone call from his teacher. Needless to say, I was mistaken. There was a nice size note about what all took place that day, in his book bag that I was not ready for.

I mentioned before that Hayden was still adjusting. Well, when he doesn’t want to leave a preferred activity, he may throw a little tantrum, have a meltdown, or if there is enough space between him and the adult- elope.

He was at recess, and Hayden loves being outside. He is a nature boy. It was time to come inside, but he wasn’t having it at all. Guess what he did….

This little running back ran out of the playground and to the football field (I mean through the football field), which by the way he ran 95% of it at FULL SPEED! *insert emoji*

One meme comes to mind when I read that part about Hayden, “aight, im’a head out!”


This little guy is super fast and this was only day two. I can’t wait to read more exciting stories from his teacher!