Now that you know a little something about me, let me introduce you to my two favorite little people:

Maya and Hayden

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How could you say no to those sweet little faces? I would tell you how easy it is for me to tell them no, but you might think I am crazy. *insert upside down smiley face*

Maya, born in 2015, has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism. Meaning, she does not need as much supports as those who are lower on the spectrum. She may exhibit issues with communication and social skills, but she is more likely to engage with peers who are not on the spectrum.

Hayden, born in 2013, has been diagnosed with a more severe case of autism. This means that he will need ample supports in order to function. Breaking it down even further, he can not do anything independently. He is also nonverbal, so communication has been difficult. This is also a reason why he is not toilet trained at the moment. He is currently learning sign language and has picked up on quite a few of them. He is very independent and does not fully engage with his peers unless he is curious about what it is they are doing. Hayden also has a sensory processing disorder. For him, he is overly sensitive which means touch and sound can cause harm to him.

Both kiddies are involved with speech therapy, but Hayden also has occupational and feeding therapy.